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Brry Art Photography

What to do with pictures for which no obvious categories, portrait, architecture, etc. So we brainstormed ideas, Conceptual, but what is a serious word, Miscellaneous, Other, flying ideas, is getting worse in the break, I so desperate to do, brrrrrr,
O, Gośka says, good, Brrry is perfect, everything can be put, and will lay in its place.

Some pictures need to be explained.

The lady with the tire on the head

"Budka Suflera" favorite band, from the days of my youth. In 2014, they came to my city, for their last concert. I had only a dozen vinyl music. Their first vinyl album, Shadow of the Great Mountains, I played for myself and neighbors for many months, sometimes several times a day.
After the concert, analyzing the photos, I noticed the color, the play of light on stage, as the most important part of the photo.
Jealousy forces for positive action, so began my experiments with homemade filters.
The first filters, blue and green, made from recycled bags of charcoal. After a small adjustment, the rear lights of the car, gave a unique red mixed with oranges, finally I discovered the colorful caps of pots, perfectly matching the diameter of the lamp shade. Robert inspired fun with filters, threw the carton foil in different colors. Significantly expanding the entire spectrum.

But there is one problem, not enough strong lamps. For now I can paint colors on a small scale.

Golden Trip

It somehow came out, we never had time to get a divorce.
At home, always something breaks down, it was necessary to repair, build new, and somewhere fled so many years. It was therefore necessary to save the state of affairs after 24 years.

The table can be a symbol of unity, we can see elegantly dressed couple, at least they try. They are sitting at the old, solid table. Conduct a dialogue, it was not easy to register "dialogue", I do not have a remote control for shutter release.
So I set the camera shutter release for ten seconds, in the twilight need to run to the table, sit down and start a "dialogue" in the proper fraction of a second. At the screen test I burned two cigarettes. Cardboard with the inscription Golden trip, originally served to set the focus point, but when I watched the test picture on the computer, I realized that the carton through the content, it becomes part of the image and theme.
Picture hanging on the wall, Gośka painted in the early 90s, The same couple at the beginning of their path.

City reflected in the mirror, the suburban railway station in Podkowa Lesna

My friend calls Goski, "can take part in an art competition, the theme of the competition, our city in the background."
Not enough time to paint the picture. We make a proposal, we can do photographic work.
The first idea,
if the topic is the city, we can do a series of photographs pretending that they were taken from the surveillance cameras of the city.
The idea required an early get out of bed, running with a ladder around the city, and risk mandate. Such photos have to shoot from the middle of the street, standing on a high ladder at the main crossroads
idea fell,

So milder variant, with a mirror, we have the old oval mirror in a nice carved wooden frame, at this exhibition we will send the mirror, and the city somehow it bounces, just in case they put out the light, which made it impossible to rebound, we did a photo shoot in the city, photographing the city reflected in the mirror, and selected 4, printed, were attached as documentation from happening.

Someone who knows about shooting, notice the lack of shadows on a wooden frame. I had to photograph the mirror again, a few days later, and using a graphics program to paste photos taken in the city.

The city of screws, Halves

With limited resources to travel, limited to the small town, with envy watching pictures from New York, Paris, London, captured by other photographers. It is no longer about the same equipment, or skills, it is easy to jump, you just do not take pictures beyond the technical capabilities of the camera.
All others are in a better position, just me, a poor, inherent somewhere on the periphery of Europe.
And one day watching a program about street photographs that stole my idea for a photograph before I could invent it. In addition, a few decades ago. The photographer went out into the street, picked from the crowd, similarly dressed, having the same common characteristic, then placed them together in a single image, and suddenly each of these images was getting wings.
Figures alone do not have any meaning, but together, the nine women in the same dress in a different beauty and age, something said, Mr. genius took a free cliché turned it into art.
Shocked awake, I started looking for a cheap cliche.
Thus was created a series of images from the city of screws. If I wanted to do a shot of these lonely people, who came to the big city, and somewhat lost their way it's probably after a few hours in the city I had something, but never so ghastly as the old nuts and bolts.
Sunrise does rear lamp from the car, the rain Gośka, throwing water from the left side.

Halves, a small step further, more aware, and even promising, maybe I'll do a series, so many possibilities, configuration, and who is offended, seeing a red beet in connection with lovely orange.

Fish in a glass

A series of fish in a glass, spontaneous, not intentional.
In our small garden pond, lives a lot of small fish, Every autumn the fish sink to the bottom waiting a few months until the cold Polish climate will bring a few warm months. In the summer, hot days, bask on the shore where the water is warmest.

After a few years the water in the pond lost its transparency, thickened, we had to replace the water. Operation clean water lasted 2 days. Unfortunately, the three oldest not found themselves in temporary containers, died.
Got posthumous arrangement on the table in luxury, in the best glasses we had in the house are beautiful, eerie and a little mysterious.

Artistic Underground and barrel, Pandora's box

Man develops, faces new challenges this time need to check in a small arrangement.
The camera sees space in the shape of a trapezoid, extending toward the rear of the stage. In the case of "little arrangement", the foreground is about 2.5 wide, while the rear wall 4 to 8 meters wide. quite a large space for the arrangement.

The idea was to build a fictitious room, where the light comes from above, from one direction, but the light can not be everywhere, can not be "flat". No less than 3 lamps, so the light beam must be focused and narrowed by Grids.

Of course, the budget provided for the arrangement, as usual less than zero.
At the same time we changed the chimney, a new solid brick took up the job to discharge of gases from the fireplace and the old rusty pipes landed in the yard waiting to be deported.
A few days later, adding the old pot to the scrap heap, somehow I saw the pipes in the new light of morning acute sun, the harsh rays gave the pipes of the new shine, I thought I'd still have time to throw on the scrap, and may first need to try to capture the glow coming from the rust
Dragged the pipes back to the house, I do commemorative photo, only three rusty pipes, facing no sense in the middle of the room, no magic.
Upset, I thought that you have to expand a little scene, I brought two euro pallets, and so underground slowly began to take shape By the way, the old 50 liter barrel for 6 years standing at the fence without purpose, in the arrangement had completed composition, then entered permanently into our house, serves as a small pop-up table, or additional chairs,
Lighting scenes, I used four lamps. On the wall hangs an oil painting painted in 1987 by Małgorzata Serwatka-Kopacewicz, "They". On euro pallets broken parts of our car. Sometimes I wonder, what's done with my rusty chimney pipe , melted in a steelworks, probably sometime get back to me in a new car.

Forty face of the Laluni

Mannequin, worked hard in commerce, fashion, subsequent owners, got rid of her for getting a lower amount. Slightly shabby with paint, finally landed here. Mannequin, Lalunia, has several disadvantages, too thin right leg, slightly twisted, always in the same direction.

Lalunia helps set the light, involved in various photographic experiments. her patience knows no boundaries, does not complain, and bursts into tears, after, photo it's not successful.
The greatest advantage is not needed consent to the publication of her portrait, nowadays portrait photography requires the written consent prior to the publication, of what I consider, is killing the arts.
As if afraid that their face is the mirror of the soul, and are ashamed of the soul, tired, wrinkles, marked by daily struggle for survival, So without electronic makeup do not go on facebook, people on the street, not like photographers, they do not know,
If I do portrait of someone in a public place, it lands on a backup disk, maybe one day, years later, I will be able to pull it out.
So Lalunia will appear in various places, acting as a logo, trademark.

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