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The project Camera Obscura

It has long wanted to do, build oldest camera in the world. However, in life everything comes right time several old euro pallets, after careful pulling rusty nails, pallets turned into a full valuable construction material. At the same time the Association, organizing annual meetings with art, in a clearing at the manor Chełmońskiego, art classes completed by introductory workshops for photography.
It is material, idea, place, you need to take to work. Basic assumptions, you will be able to enter it, must be large, but it must also fit in a car, easy to install, inexpensive to transport.
The operation of the Camera Obscura, based on a physical phenomenon, a little mysterious to me, light, or rather "something" which we call light, conveys the image.
So if you build a light tight facility, we will cut this to one of the walls a small hole, hole diameter is closely linked to the internal dimensions of the object, it can be calculated mathematically or select by trial and error, I wander around faster than I count, math is not my favorite subjects, In my property, between the front wall and the rear wall, a distance of 260 cm, I drilled a hole with a diameter of 30mm, I go to a DIY camera and she is already running, slightly blurred image of a very soft, I got the best focus by reducing the diameter of the bore to 12mm, because the "object" was not perfectly light tight, below 12mm diameter image clearly weakened, and further reduce the hole lost their meaning. In any case, on the opposite wall to the pinhole, there is an image, brought by the light from the outside, that was funny, the image will always be upside down.
Buy photo paper of size 220 cm 230 cm turned out to be not possible, On the other hand, fell off the building monstrous darkroom to produce the material, going pragmatically, the problem of shortcuts, DIY camera effect has been documented mirror camera, The camera in the camera, the solution not very elegant but simple and effective, ISO 1600, shutter speed 6 seconds, set the focus manually.

Wooden frame, is ready.

The first test shot, as you can see the background is not uniform, it should be white and well stretched.

The second picture, improved focus, hole about 15 mm in diameter

We're going to the manor Chełmońskiego, truck barely breathing

Goshia, puts in paper,

Camera sealed double black foil, from the top, additional sealing materials

"Lens" cut from a can of beer

Set of spare lenses, made of cardboard, sheet metal

The light passes through the lens, from the inside

The first photo of the manor Chełmonskiego, as you can see double black foil perfectly transmits light

A week later, improved sealing, photo taken too late, the right side, drowning in darkness.