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Follow the art

Everyone is dreaming of making interesting photographs, but dreaming will not get far, you need to take to work.

The basic problem, mission impossible, you need talent or luck, at the right time to be in the right place, with a working camera. Not to mention the skillful use.

So hypothetically, we are sitting patiently on the network like a spider, waiting, and here is the news from Paris, known blogger world-class VIP goes for coffee
In haste throw lumber into a backpack, to the airport, losing precious 40 minutes in a taxi, flight, taxi, 500 euro disappears, but after 4 hours, we are ready to snap "interesting photo of" world-class blogger, but he ran away to London, leaving no trace on the Web.

Painters, graphic artists, poets are always in a better position, they sit in warm homes, it is not raining, the wind is not blowing, listening to cool music, they can create art.


We can not draw, but having scissors can push the matter forward. On the small plan, we build the stage.

Painting materials

We take for the main characters, in a comfortable environment, it is not raining, not blowing listening to cool music we take pictures. barefoot crofter should have dirty feet in pursuit of realism scene models were forced to walk barefoot in the backyard.

Storks and roe deer had in the archives, it was enough just to choose.
The next step, of course, cutting elements betray our fiction, I used Gimp.

At the end we need a proper background, the image of Mr. Chełmońskiego found on Wikipedia, forest clearing and the viaduct from the archive, red sky difficult to find in nature, the program Canon DPP has some sliders and easily could replace the original color.

Well, we come to the end

Photomontage whole also Gimp.
Work done for the sport, a lot of fun, but what opportunities are opening before the photographer.
After all, in every art, it's about the freedom to express thoughts, the technique is only a tool.