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Few words about me

Of course I have to write, photography is my passion, I could also write that I was born with a camera, but this is not true, the first medium format camera Amigo got in 1969.

I had a lot of luck, for many years still something distracted me from photography, sports, go-karts, motorcycles, mountain climbing, close to art, art exhibitions, artists, poets, painters, happenings.   

In 2012, my wife asked me to take photographs documenting her new paintings, quickly came out with the print resolution of my camera makes it impossible to print on a decent level, above the A4, so I bought the first Canon SLR, and, things got out of control, I started to build a studio.  

Today, we all become photographers, everyone has a camera phone, 7000000000 photographers every day fills the virtual, it is difficult to distinguish, but I will try, maybe not so much to do "good pictures", but their own, in which I believe they have some meaning.

I'm not sure if the word photographer, is a good term for me. Classic photographer captures found situations without interfering, I slowly begins to pull in the direction of creating new situations, it may end up on poetry,

The project Camera Obscura