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White period

Bearing in mind the image "Bench at the Museum", a cool idea but a complete disaster due to poor exposure of the wall on which hung the picture, it is technically impossible to obtain pure white walls, while maintaining the colors of the image, at least in this room.
Commercial studies have tz. Cyclorama, a great solution for a well-paid photographers.
But, how many models you have to shoot to make up the cost, so the best solution and the most expensive is not possible.
And here calling Robert, "you know, I have an old blue canvas, a little dirty, you may come in handy."
Tarpaulins do not need, I need a professional, wide white background. We paint the canvas in white, on the other hand, some color.
I once read a book, the guy drove all over the world with a huge canvas on which background photographing horses.
I'm going to the market, I come back with a can of white chlorinated, trusting in its properties, Unfortunately, you can not treat one liter to 24 meter tarpaulin, I'm going after the second, then the third liter, better screen test, hope higher.

The starting point, the need for white.

Bench in the museum, Wall is dirty, it may just be an obsession, every time looking at this picture I think the same way, the walls are dirty

A blue plastic tarpaulin

underfoot can see the folds, is the plan to iron, after a series of images we scroll the canvas to the other side with the obvious intention of repainting magical subtle colors, and so we discover the terrible truth, white paint falls off, you can not paint the plastic, a simple paint.

for white, have to fight to the end

Do not give up, I bought a used plywood,
made seven floor panels, of size 60cm x 250cm, unfolded on the floor I have a white rectangle 360cm x 250cm, the paint does not fall off. The panels folded, take up little space, yet it is the old background, narrow white cardboard. We buy a new roll of white background, has a dimension of 11 meters at 2.7, will slot in half length, gluing paired on the long sides, The new background will be 5 meters wide "Almost cyclorama," no one will be entered on paper. End consumption of paper for each session